Elen Letcher

Ellen Letcher’s imagery is diverse, culled from cast-off and found printed matter (newspapers, magazines and the like);
her tastes, catholic (dead babies in formaldehyde, skulls, fashion ads):
her means of production, simple.

Letcher first rips and cuts out images from these periodicals, then uses paint as a form of adhesive—slathering the backs of said images, then flipping them over and “gluing” them into place.

Hence, when you see an empty “frame” of color on a Letcher composition, you’re looking at the staging area for an image that, without fail, has been collaged elsewhere.

Letcher is nothing if not economical.
Her hard-hitting (yet lean) compositions are the visual payoff.

Ellen runs an exhibition space in Ridgewood, Queens with another promising artist, Kevin Regan.

You can view more of their work at famousaccountants.wordpress.com