Alfred Steiner

Alfred Steiner is both master draftsman, enamored of art history, and irreverent ironist, crafting composite images that reference St. Anthony as easily as they do Marge and Maggie Simpson. Rather than simply drawing a form, outright, Steiner opts to draw his images as if in aggregate, liming distended eyeballs, ganglia, teeth, and cartilage, and allowing these rather fleshy objects to create the contours of his forms.

A lawyer specializing in copyrights by day, it’s no wonder that Steiner has the wholesale appropriation of imagery down. He borrows from, as much as pays homage to, the artists of the past he admires (Breugel, Boccioni), recasting them into a phantasmagorical present where anything is possible.

Frighteningly enough, Steiner’s world is a place where boundaries, long since blurred, no longer hold.

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