Sarah Schmerler

Sarah Schmerler

Curator/Creative Director

Paulius Nosokas

Paulius Nosokas

Design Director


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Sarah Schmerler “I’ve been an arts journalist and curator in NYC for more than a decade. Over the last few years, I’ve watched the spread of digital media and the concurrent shrinking of possibilities for artists I felt were deserving to exhibit and sell their work–not to mention the pending demise of print journalism. Might I somehow create a new art ‘real estate’? (‘a new currency’ as Dan Cameron posited to his students at SVA)? All I knew, before meeting designer Paulius Nosokas, was that this enterprise would somehow mean breaking though to a new way of showing–and creating a discourse about–contemporary art.

Now that we’ve undertaken the task of creating, literally, 45 projects, together, I ask myself different questions: Why should I restrict myself to curating only within four (brick-and-mortar) walls any more? Why should I write art criticism only for established journals (that sell advertising to galleries)? Much like the artwork I show, my curatorial endeavors are real, tangible; the space surrounding them, without bound. Much like the artists I promote, I finally feel “in the art market, but not of it.”


Paulius Nosokas “I’m a graphic designer and artist from Lithuania, based in NYC since 2001. The website you see here is the culmination of a project I’ve been exploring for two years. Now that I’ve set it in motion, I plan to use it as a platform for collaboration, and the creation of, literally, 45 projects. Well, not quite literally.

Some will be exhibition-based; some will be artistic; some will be in the form of publications. And some, ultimately, may expand beyond the discreet number of ’45.’ It remains to be seen how far this platform will go; or how the projects will be reckoned.

In addition to creating my own fine art objects I’ve also designed websites for such institutions as the WTC Memorial Foundation; for fashion designers Charles Nolan, Oscar de la Renta, and Edie Rose (DKNY); and for SHVO Marketing Group (Gramercy Starck).”

What we do

45projects creates a working forum for artists, curators, and other arts professionals who wish to operate outside the typical art market/gallery system. It is a 21st-century method and locus of creative commerce.

45projects focuses on: